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Solar Panels Louisiana Giving Best Prices On Solar Energy Systems

Solar panels in Louisiana are starting to pick up with installs going in at a faster rate this past year. Some of the solar installation companies from Texas are opening up offices in Louisiana. At the present time these solar companies are not keeping solar panels in stock or the inverters or backup batteries. Chances are you may have a long wait time from order date to install date of your Louisiana solar panels.

Purchase your solar panels, battery backup, inverters and a complete solar energy system for whole house electricity generation from wholesale suppliers. Why pay retail when you can buy your whole house solar energy system at wholesale prices. This is the real thing!

My name is Bill and the webmaster of this website Solar Panels Louisiana. At the present time I make no money from this website or from the companies I recommend. I just know that the markup on solar panels and solar equipment is priced out of site. A 12 KWatt system sold to a friend of mine for $53,000 could have been purchased from a wholesale company in Texas for $12,000 to $15,000. 

Purchase Solar Panels 315 Watt to 455 Watts for $149 to $290 per panel.
Buy in quantity and save even more money.
Complete Systems At Wholesale Pricing

Below is just a sample of what you can purchase from this Texas company. This company buys in bulk and gives some of the best prices I have found. You can make your own complete solar system for your house, boat, RV Camper or backyard shed. You can even go completely off the grid. Most people do this for their backyard shed. Below is an example of the companies pricing and can change at anytime. They are constantly selling and buying more solar panels at great prices. If you do not see what you want now just check back in a week or so and new stock will be available.

$149.55 Each

SunTech 330W Polycrystalline Monofacial Solar Panel 


$289.18 Each

Solarever 455W Split-Cell Mono PERC Solar Panel

Visit the Solar Panels page.
Get Solar Panels by the Pallett and save.

 If you are an electrician you can probably install your own solar panel system on your roof. All installs from any solar company you use must have an electrician on site installing a solar system. A whole house solar energy system is connected into your main electric panel and meter. A complete system will come with extra electrical boxes, inverters, solar panels, and more.

Five Main Components Of A Solar System

There are Five main components in a home solar energy panel system: solar panels, an inverter, electrical panels, the power grid, and the sunlight from the sun and if going off-grid like a backyard shed you will need a battery wiring and switching device. Each component works together to create a complete solar energy panel system both on-grid and off-grid.

This size system is usually good for houses 1,500 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft.
This system comes with 20 black solar panels that are 410 Watts each making it a 8200 Watt system.

 Complete Solar Panel Kit (Grid-Tie) - 8200W Microinverter Kit 

Aptos MAC-800R - 20 x 410W Black Solar Panels

Was: $9,200.10
Now: $8,740.10
See the complete kit online - Complete 8200 Watt System

Please NOTE: These prices may change at anytime. All items on this website are similar to one another and the prices change up and down from time to time. This is a wholesaler that shops for the best quality at the best prices and passes that down. The webmaster of this site does not change the items and prices of products shown. 

Here is an estimate of how many solar panels you will need per square foot of house.
1,000 Sq Ft - 6KW System
1,500 to 2,000 - 8KW System
2,500 - 9KW to 10KW System
2,700 to 3,000 - 11KW to 12KW
Small outdoor shed 500 sq ft from 2 to 4 kw system.

 Complete Solar Kit For Outdoor Shed or Workshop

Solar Panel System Cost For Louisiana

Purchase complete solar kits for your home or business at wholesale.
Free shipping!

More information coming soon.  I will be adding more DIY kits and information on how you can do it yourself and save a bunch of money.

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